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LSST Data Quality Assurance Plan

  • Tony Tyson
  • DQA Team
  • Science Collaboration


LSST must supply trusted petascale data products. The mechanisms by which the LSST project achieve this unprecedented level of data quality will have spinoff to data-enabled science generally. This document specifies high-level requirements for a LSST Data Quality Assessment Framework, and defines the four levels of quality assessment (QA) tools. Because this process involves system-wide hardware and software, data QA must be defined at the System level. The scope of this document is limited to the description of the overall framework and the general requirements. It derives from the LSST Science Requirements Document [LPM-17]. A flow-down document will describe detailed implementation of the QA, including the algorithms. In most cases the monitoring strategy, the development path for these tools or the algorithms are known. Related documents are: LSST System Requirements [LSE-29], Optimal Deployment Parameters Document-11624, Observatory System Specifications [LSE-30], Configuration Management Plan [LPM-19], Project Quality Assurance Plan [LPM-55], Software Development Plan [LSE-16], Camera Quality implementation Plan [LCA-227], System Engineering Management Plan [LSE-17], and the Operations Plan [LPM-73].